Nuclear Workforce Initiative

The United States stands on the brink of a nuclear renaissance – a resurging confidence in the power of the clean, safe atom to finally conquer the financial and national security challenges imposed by increasingly dangerous reliance on foreign sources of oil.

The promise of the nuclear renaissance has far-reaching implications for the SRSCRO Region of Georgia and South Carolina. As home to the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site (SRS) for more than a half century, the region is heavily invested in atomic energy, not only for its value to national security but as a source of well-paying jobs and economic growth fueled in large part by nuclear-generated electricity used by many industries in both states.

Nearly 10,000 new workers will be needed in the next decade to support the expansion of the nuclear industry in the greater SRSCRO Region of Georgia and South Carolina, a 2009 survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton for the SRSCRO concludes.

In response to the survey data, the SRSCRO is implementing a unified strategy to address the region’s nuclear workforce needs.  Through our Nuclear Workforce Initiative (NWI®), we are proactively bringing together the regional private and governmental employers, educational institutions and economic development entities to work as partners.  These groups are working together toward the single-minded goal of ensuring that an adequately trained workforce is ready in sufficient numbers to meet the challenges posed by the demand for a new nuclear workforce.

NWI® partners are particularly focused on ensuring that people of the greater SRSCRO Region have an opportunity to develop the skills needed for regional nuclear industry jobs, something we call “Growing Our Own Through Collaboration®.”

The NWI® Steering Committee, comprised of executive managers from nuclear employers, developed the Vision, Mission and Goals for the Nuclear Workforce Initiative.

NWI® Vision

To provide a well-trained and highly qualified workforce that meets the ongoing needs of the nuclear industry in this region.

NWI® Mission

To promote and expand nuclear workforce development capabilities by facilitating integrated partnerships between nuclear employers and educational and training entities that foster regional educational attainment, economic growth and job opportunities.

NWI® Goals

  1. Facilitate collaboration among nuclear employers on regional staffing needs and incorporate staffing strategies into the Nuclear Workforce Initiative mission.
  2. Promote nuclear career paths and enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) programs in coordination with existing K-12 public education curriculum requirements.
  3. Align and coordinate regional educational and training entity curricula and certification requirements to specific job skill needs of nuclear employers.
  4. Perform outreach and form collaborations to achieve regional and national support to advance the mission of the Nuclear Workforce Initiative.

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