K-12 Education Resources

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills are important building blocks that help students expand their education and career opportunities.  Creative resources are available to students, teachers and parents to promote STEM skill development and understand nuclear technology through activities that encourage exploration and involvement.

Nuke News Animation

This animation provides an informative overview of the nuclear industry and uses of nuclear technology in an entertaining format for elementary and middle school aged-students. Teachers can use this engaging animation to prompt discussion on many nuclear and STEM topics.

Nuclear in Action

This arts-integrated outreach program provides information about the Savannah River Site and applications of nuclear technology in everyday life.

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Experience the power of science and mathematics through programs that include resources for teachers, regional events, summer camps and student programs for GA and SC schools.

Savannah River Site Educational Outreach Programs

Discover SRS hands-on programs for precollege students and teachers, unique research opportunities, work-based learning opportunities and various workshops, tours, lectures and demonstrations.

How do Nuclear Power Plants Work?

Learn more with this interactive activity about power plants from Southern Company.

Journey with the Power Pack

Explore nuclear power with this interactive website from the U.S. Office of Nuclear Energy.

Nuclear Technology Facts

Click on the “videos” for this webpage to learn facts about nuclear technology from the Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness (CNTA).

Teacher and Student Resources

Access lesson plans and student information provided by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

IEEE Lesson Plans

Excite students about engineering using engaging lessons designed for pre-university audiences.

ASEE Educator Tools

Enliven the classroom and capture student attention using a variety of techniques to teach science and math skills.

Nuclear Energy Concepts

Learn concepts and applications with information from the U. S. Energy Information Administration.

ASME Teacher Resources

Relate engineering to magic tricks and everyday life with these resources.

About Nuclear

Find out more with information from the American Nuclear Society.