Mission & Goals

The mission of the SRS Community Reuse Organization is to facilitate economic development opportunities associated with Savannah River Site technology, capabilities and missions and to serve as an informed, unified community voice for the five-county, two-state SRSCRO Region.


  • To make the best use of excess and operating resources of the Savannah River Site for the economic well-being of the five-county area. The Asset Transition Program is a centerpiece of the SRSCRO’s program and should be managed in a way that results in maximum benefit to the government, the SRSCRO and the region as a whole.
  • To advocate new missions for the Savannah River Site. The collective influence of SRSCRO members and the resources they represent should be leveraged to attract new long-term missions and jobs to the Savannah River Site.
  • To promote the SRSCRO Region as a world leader in energy alternatives, including hydrogen, nuclear and bio-technology and be an advocate for other cutting edge technology that stems out of SRS programs, including MOX, spent fuel management and other initiatives.
  • To educate and inform the community at-large concerning Federal energy initiatives that fit SRS capabilities and expertise and to generate and communicate broad-based community support for these initiatives.
  • To serve as a knowledgeable, united central voice of the region when it comes to new missions and matters related to economic development and job creation associated with the Savannah River Site.