U. S. Energy Freedom Center™

The SRSCRO has formed a working group with Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), DOE, community leaders, and the private sector to forge a shared vision for a regional energy park centered on SRS but extending into the surrounding SRSCRO Region. This vision redeploys the underutilized human and physical assets of the SRS and the surrounding SRSCRO Region to create by 2035 a complex network of hybrid energy production systems collectively referred to as the U.S. Energy Freedom Center™. This energy park vision, which is gaining broad local, regional, and national support, involves:

  • Synergistically, over the near term (2010-2025), apply a dual path approach to implementing a biofuels production center and a small modular reactor demonstration complex at SRS.
  • Systematic construction, over the next 25 years, of a large nuclear –powered, hybrid energy production complex referred to as the U.S. Energy Freedom Center™ (USEFC).
  • Transformation of the SRS, over the next 50 years, into the National Fusion Energy Park.

The emerging consensus is that these energy “building blocks” should, respectively frame the intermediate and ultimate visions for the SRS regional energy park. The objectives underpinning SRSCRO’s endorsement of this vision are as follows:

  1. Develop an engine for regional economic growth and industrial diversification.
  2. Create tens of thousands of sustainable, high-paying jobs for residents of the SRSCRO Region.
  3. Establish the SRSCRO Region as the premier incubator of technological solutions to global energy security and climate disruption problems.
  4. Secure enduring new research and development (R&D) missions that propel Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) into the global leadership role in sustainable energy security.

The U.S. Energy Freedom Center™ also fits within the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) strategic objective to develop regional, national, and global partnerships that extend SRNL’s capability to utilize biotechnology and renewable energy sources to achieve sustainable energy independence. In addition, under this approach surplus and underutilized DOE land, facilities, infrastructure, and human capital would be redeployed for the purpose of national energy security by helping to demonstrate and develop commercial supply chains for advance nuclear technologies

For a draft concept paper describing the U.S. Energy Freedom Center™ (USEFC), click here.

Below is a video explaining the significance of the U.S. Energy Freedom Center™ (USEFC) to the Nation’s energy independence and national security: