Community Issues

As part of its mission to speak with an informed, unified voice on behalf of a five-county region in two states, the SRSCRO is proactive in identifying and analyzing issues that have the potential to affect the future of the Savannah River Site and the associated economic growth potential of the surrounding region.

Detailed information about these issues is developed and reported in layman’s terms to local elected officials, business leaders, economic development groups and the news media.  These reports – or White Papers – widely circulated and serve as a platform for dialogue and discussion leading to community awareness and consensus.  SRSCRO is the only group that tracks these sometimes technical topics with an eye toward broad public education and community action.

Significant SRS-related community issues have included the Department of Energy’s decision to abandon its long-standing commitment to Yucca Mountain in Nevada as the Nation’s ultimate disposal site for nuclear spent fuel and high level defense waste and a pending decision in the next several years about a new DOE landlord for the Savannah River Site to replace Environmental Management when its work is substantially done.

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